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Girl child learning to take care of her younger one. © 2006 Nell Freeman / Alliance.

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Highlights of popular media coverage and multimedia content (photos, video, audio, podcasts, art) on children and HIV.

Giving Children with HIV the Support They Need - MSF Report

Over the past decade, there has been little, or no, progress in key areas such as developing diagnostics for children under 18 months or creating medicines better adapted for children. In addition to these urgent medical needs, another side of providing care to child patients has been neglected as well. That's patient support -- it's a combination of mental health care, education about the disease, and help to get basic needs met, so the patient understands his disease, has what he needs to fight it, and will continue to fight it for the rest of his life. Doctors Without Borders/Medecins Sans Frontieres provides an report on the challenges facing providing this care to children. To see this video report click here.

Born HIV Free: Grace's Story

 Born HIV Free, a campaign for the Global Fund To Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria, produced this short video highlighting a mother's fight to keep her daughter HIV free in Malawi. View this video here or check out the campaign's website here.

1 minute videos by young people in Ukraine

15 children aged between 12 and 18 from across Ukraine gathered in the capital Kyiv to participate in a OneMinuteJr video workshop, invited by UNICEF and the NGO “All-Ukrainian Network of People Living with HIV/AIDS”. Many of the young Ukrainians taking part in this workshop are HIV-positive or have HIV-positive friends or family members.  Each teenage participant has produced a 60-second duration film highlighting how HIV/AIDS is having an impact on their lives. 

The 15 one-minute films will be shown at the national AIDS conference in Kyiv in December this year.  The best films will also be shown in different venues at the Global AIDS conference in Vienna.  Click here to view:

Haiti: HIV/AIDS Rap Performed by Youth from MSH Leadership Program

In this video, youth from the Haitian NGO Maison l'Arc-en-Ciel (MAEC) perform a rap promoting leadership and responsibility in addressing the HIV/AIDS crisis in Haiti.  The youth were participants in Management Sciences for Health's "Leadership Development Program", funded by USAID (In Creole with English subtitles).

Together We Are Strong

This is a short animation from Sierra Leone written by a community group to raise awareness about parent to child transmission. The video is in Krio

HIV/AIDS Adolescent treatment program

This video highlights an adolescent treatment programme in Bronx, NY.

Children: The missing face of AIDS

This video profiles a day in the life of Nyirsabimana, a young Rwandan girl who has been orphaned by AIDS and left to care for her young siblings alone.

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