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News of the Week: Jan 12-18

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News of the Week: Jan 5-11

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Announcing the 2nd Annual Writing Contest! wants to hear your voice! We are holding our first annual Writing Contest. We encourage both amateur and professional writers alike to submit an article to be featured on the site.
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Synergies for child protection systems and children affected by HIV and AIDS

Until recently, child protection efforts tended to respond with stand alone programmes for specific groups of vulnerable children, such as HIV-affected children. The move towards strengthening child protection systems offers an opportunity to situate child-focused HIV responses within a long-term, locally-owned and sustainable approach. A study, commissioned by the Inter-Agency Task Team on Children Affected by AIDS, seeks to better understand ways that child protection systems can respond to the needs of children living with and affected by HIV and also explore how the children and HIV sector can give greater attention to child protection issues.
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Spotlight on harmful cultural practices affecting children in Kenya

Chris Obiero, from the Key Correspondents Programme, shares about exciting efforts in Kenya to address cultural practices that potentially harm children, including excluding girls from eduction, early marriages, and child labour.
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Social Service Workforce Strengthening Webinar Series: Professionalizing the Social Service Workforce - the Role of Licensing (March 28th 8:30 - 10:30am EST)

This webinar will offer an opportunity to hear from two experts in this area who are leading national social work associations and councils. Participants will have the opportunity for discussion with the speakers as well as other participants through the webinar format.
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Addressing the Root Causes of HIV Infection in Girls: "Because I am a Girl" Campaign to Protect Girls' Rights

Because I am a Girl is a global initiative of Plan International that creates sustainable projects in developing countries to give girls access to the most basic of human rights: clean water, food, health care, education, financial security, and protection from violence and exploitation. We reach out to the most marginalized and vulnerable populations of girls around the world, working alongside them, equipping them with the tools and resources to achieve their hopes and dreams, and rigorously measuring our impact every step of the way.
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