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Child playing football in Rambo village, Burkina Faso. © 2004 Gideon Mendel for IHAA.

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5th Annual Report to Congress: PL 109-95, The Assistance for Orphans and Other Vulnerable Children in Developing Countries Act of 2005.

Pre-Solicitation Notice for Africa Child and Family Initiative - Family Protection Systems in Africa

University Research Co., LLC (URC) manages the Health Care Improvement (HCI) Project, funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) under USAID Contract No. GHN-I-03-07-00003-00. URC plans to solicit offers for the organization of a regional African community of learning and practice around standards-based and evidence-based child and family protection systems under solicitation number URC RFP No. FY12-R03-8700. In order to accomplish this mission, URC proposes to award up to three fixed-price subcontracts not to exceed $150,000 each.

New Science for Old Problems: Protecting Children in Adversity - April 12, 2011

Dr. Neil Boothby and Dr. Nathan Fox will discuss the causes, effects and long-term implications of children's exposure to adversity and toxic stress, and what this means for policies and programs as part of the USG's Distinguished Speaker Series. Thursday, 12 April 2012 3-5 pm Ronald Reagan Building.

Request for information on the links between HIV and residential care

EveryChild and Maestral International have been commissioned by UNICEF to improve the evidence base on the links between HIV and the instututionalisation of children. The first stage of this process is desk-based research. Click here to find out more about thetype of information that they are seeking and how to submit documents.

Presentations from ICASA now available online

Presentations from the International Conference on AIDS and STIs in Africa (ICASA) conference are now available by clicking here.

ICASA was held on in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on Dec. 4-8, 2011.


December 12-13, 2011: USG Evidence Summit on Children Outside of Family Care

The Summit is a interagency initiative under Public Law 109-95, the Assistance to Orphans and Other Vulnerable Children in Developing Countries Act of 2005. The Summit responds to the PL 109-95 mandate to ensure that USG assistance to highly vulnerable children is effective and based on best practices.

Consideration for Round 11 Global Fund Proposals

The Global Fund Technical Reivew Panel recommends that the Global Fund continue to support targeted food and/or micronutrient supplements for undernourished children, on a case-by-case basis, and that such proposals demonstrate linkages with other food support programs to avoid the politicization of such programs.

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