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Girl child learning to take care of her younger one. © 2006 Nell Freeman / Alliance.

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Highlights of popular media coverage and multimedia content (photos, video, audio, podcasts, art) on children and HIV.

Preventing mother-to-child transmission of HIV in Guatemala

This video link by UNICEF reports on the prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV in Guatemala.

UNICEF: Outreach to Zimbabwe children orphaned by HIV/AIDS

The video clip by UNICEF highlights certain intervention efforts in providing outreach facilities to children orphaned by HIV/AIDS.

India: Prevention of HIV/AIDS transmission during pregnancy

This video clip reflects the plight of HIV positive preganant women in the state of Maharashtra, Indiaand the prevention efforts in the transmission of HIV from pregnant women to their unborn children.

The Forgotten Kids in Ukraine

The media clip shows the plight of children living with HIV/AIDS in one of the orphanages in Ukraine that follows a policy of segregating children living with HIV/AIDS from that of HIV negative children.

Paediatric HIV/AIDS in Zambia - Part IV

This photo feature is a poignant representation of children living with HIV/AIDS in Zambia published by UNICEF.

Russia battles to protect children from HIV/AIDS

This media stream highlights the plight of children living with HIV/AIDS who have either been abandoned by familes or orphaned.

UNICEF: Keeping mothers and children alive and healthy in Burkina Faso

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